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 Thank you for stopping by our page. We are a small hobby breeder and are owned by a few of the most unique French and English Bulldogs available. We only have a couple litters a year to bring you top quality and well balanced puppies, so you may have to wait for that perfect one. Please enjoy your visit and feel free to email us with any questions......
We have been loved and owned by Bulldogs for 40 + years and began breeding these wonderful kids in 1998. Today, we are owned by a few. They share our hearts, our home and our beds. If you are looking for that perfect buddy, take a look around our site, we may just have him or her. Ask as many questions as you can, we want you to!! Even after owning them for 40 years, we still learn valuable information about them daily and enjoy sharing it with other Bulldog enthusiasts. Be sure to check out our links as I will be adding tips on diet, nutrition, health, socialization and fun facts about this wonderful breed. We hope you enjoy our site, visit often and stay awhile.

 At BullyHill Bullies we strive to breed you that perfect friend. Our focus is health first and foremost, followed by temperament and conformation. We have added some unique colors to our breeding program such as Black and Tan English Bulldogs, Blue and Tan English Bulldogs, Black and Tan french Bulldogs, Blue and Tan French Bulldogs and  Blue French Bulldogs. Both can be shown but would lose points in an AKC show ring for undesireable colors but we find them to be striking in appearance and decided to offer them to you. The color coats do not alter the health or temperament of the Frenchie or the Bulldog and are only for those that dare to be different!! You will most certainly get alot of attention with any Frenchie or Bully, but with the different colored ones you will definetely draw a crowd and get your picture taken often. In addition, we offer mini French Bulldogs, mini English Bulldogs and of course both, in standard sizes and colors. If you are a hobby breeder we welcome you, providing all your kids are housed indoors. NO PUPPY MILLS, NO OUTSIDE KENNELS, NO EXCEPTIONS!! Please allow a bit of time for our pages to load as I have left most of the pictures as large as I could so you can see the details of their cute little mugs. When choosing a Tonda's Bully, know that the quality and uniqueness are second to none. Feel free to contact us anytime about any questions you have, we could talk Bully all day!!
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