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Black and Tan French Bulldogs and Blue and Tan French Bulldogs are here!! We have the lines and will soon be offering them to a chosen market. Keep a watch out for our beauties, they will be taking the Frenchie world by storm in the very near future!!

Einstein, this little man comes from a Blue Sable French Bulldog Mama (Miss Ann) and Black French Bulldog Daddy (Sir Bruiser). Expressing very heavy tan points, so we are hoping to see some black/tan french bulldogs and blue/tan french bulldos from this little beauty when he grows up.

Talk o' The Town (Taco), A picture is worth a thousand words!!! This beauty comes from a Blue French Bulldog Mama (Dreamy) and a little choco carrier, red/black mask French Bulldog (Gunner Dude). When her and our little Einstein pair up next year, the Frenchie world will go crazy over their Black and Tan French Bulldog puppies!!


Seven Come Eleven, what a beauty she will turn out to be. Mama is our Bessie Moo and Daddy is the famous Sebastian. We have high hopes for this beauty when she becomes a young woman.

 Sebastian, this is the guy that started all the craze with the black/tan Frenchie kids. Beside throwing them, he puts awesome heads and shoulders on all his kids. Son of "Baxters Sam The Sham" need I say more.
You can see 3 more of his grown blk/tan tri french Bulldog kids here in the states by emailing me, and I will share their current owners websites with you as well as their pedigrees. A couple do not wish to share their link as the "secret" to their blk/tans French Bulldogs heritage would be out.
 Miss Bessie Moo, what a beauty she is, just look at those stunning copper eyes. Bessie is one of the nicest Frenchies you will meet, loves to hang out on the couch and is always ready to go bye-bye and show off her purdyness. Bessie has thrown 3 blk/tan tri French bulldog puppies in her first litter, WOW, WOW, WOW!!! 
We reserve the right to refuse ANY adoption for ANY reason we feel necessary!!



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